Do you sometimes forget to fill scripts?

We have a free App you can use to organise, manage and order your medications from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The App connects directly to our dispensary so you can access all the details about your medication and repeats. The App has many benefits including:

Reminders To Fill Your Scripts
The App will let you know when you are close to running out of a medication and give you reminders to get your script filled.

Tap To Refill Ordering
You can order your scripts with the tap of a button and we will get them ready before you come in, so no more waiting. You can also request other non-prescription products and even use it to order your NDSS Diabetes products.

In order for this feature to work best it is recommended that you leave your repeats and scripts on file at the pharmacy. This allows us to enter all the information accurately into the App and get your scripts completely ready before you come into the store.

Take My Medication Alerts
You can set alerts to remind you to take a particular medication at a particular time or on a specific day. You can also set weekly or monthly reminders.

See My Doctor Reminders
The App will remind you to make an appointment to see your Doctor when you have no repeats left of an ongoing medication.

Carer Mode
Carer Mode allows you to manage other family members scripts and medication on your account. It’s great if you have children on medications or are looking after your elderly parents.

Get Started Now:

Ask our Pharmacist to create your free MedAdviser account – we will provide you with an activation code. Simply fill in the form on this page or call us on (02) 6248 7050.

Download MedAdviser or access online, see links below.


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