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Leave Certificates


Feeling Sick? Need a Leave Certificate?

A consultation is required and will take place in our private consultation room. The certificates we issue can be valid for up to two days and cover a range of ailments including colds, gastrointestinal conditions, head lice and many other common conditions. Not sure if your condition is covered? Give us a call to check on (02) 6248 7050.

We can also provide certificates for carers leave if you need to stay at home to look after a family member.

The patient must be present for the consultation, also we can’t back date the certificates so it’s important that you come in on the day you require the sick leave. After the consultation, if appropriate the Pharmacist will issue a certificate and a fee of $49.95 will be charged.

Walk in and enquire today! Conditions apply. Fee for service.

It is important to remember that:

  • Pharmacists are not under any obligation to issue a certificate when requested. It is entirely up to Pharmacists whether or not they issue a certificate in particular circumstances.

  • The Pharmacist is not a medical practitioner.

  • Any opinion will be provided as a Pharmacist, not a doctor, and a consultation is not intended to replace a medical treatment, opinion or diagnosis, and that if the illness or injury persists or worsens, medical attention must be sought.

  • Certificates cannot be backdated and cannot be dated for a day other than the date the person presented to the Pharmacist and the consultation was conducted.

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